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Robert Macfarlane at the Hay-on-Wye Festival 2013

Or you might try new or girlfriend to get naked that can only either one of these e. Rather on site is Hay.

Having said that, I am quite certain that some artists must get a big fat cheque but I was not one of them. Hay is really where the educated classes give full Slutz to their own form of celebratory worship. If you are boshersfon really plucky you can even ask them a question. The prejudice towards the Artist is, almost invariably, a positive one. Having said that, half way through a panel discussion that I attended on a previous year I realised that I could only have booked to see Monty Don in order to pick a fight with him.

Which I did, over some guff he came out with about Britain being a nation that loves their gardens. I have not read his first book: I discovered these holloways locally to us and indeed fought tooth and nail and failed to stop one from being concreted over on the back of a planning application. They are everywhere and yet really are very special places, worn deeply into the ground by their use over centuries.

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He had some photographs boshrrston show us sadly washed out by the daylight in the tent — easily remedied if the organizers put some shading around the screens. It was not surprising but still shocking to hear that this lane has recently been filled in by the farmer of the land, though Macfarlane was remarkably sanguine about it. Then I found I had a bit more zoom. This is hand-held mind!

How did he walk on an iced over river without constantly sliding? Why had he wanted to spend the night on the top on Ben Hope in the Cairngorms, freezing cold and with no shelter? And for me, something was missing from his prose. A bit more balance, perhaps, between what his walks in remote places conjure up in his mind and what the impact has been on his feet. The performance was enthusiastically received and I seized my opportunity to satisfy more of my curiosity. He thought that Rannoch Moor could accommodate as many as would be likely to follow him without ill effect.

And I asked him about what his family thought about what seems to be to be his undertaking of some quite risky adventures. I got the impression that he seems, perhaps, to lack some recognition of the risks that he does take. What was most striking about Macfarlane for me was his ease of presence. He seemed comfortable in his own body and in himself. He has an easy manner, a perfect balance of confidence and modesty, and an enviable articulacy. In discussion with Artemis Cooper Neat link, eh? Apologies for the lack of her photographs — my vantage point was inadequate in this session. I found very hard going and have temporarily given up on it. Perhaps that is being unkind.

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