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He treated what young people were going through with respect, and some understanding and empathy.

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Those things are so great to articulate and play with, because those feelings will never go away. Sueprbad was such an embarrassment for so long, and finally people have started demanding a change. They all really treat what the young characters are going through with those John-Hughes-like qualities of respect, empathy, and concern. We will not be categorized. I hope that means more honest and brave stories about teenage girls. That temptation to go bigger and less complicated will always be there with the studios. The filmmakers responsible for these projects have long since realized that studios need flashy YA-fiction buzz or high-concept supernaturalism to get them to pony up the finances, and have thus retreated to the DIY world to give young audiences their much-needed antidotes to disposable faux-Twilight releases like The Host, The Mortal Instrumentsand whatever the hell Vampire Academy is.

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But at Superbad movietube same time, audiences need to keep supporting Skperbad and showing producers and studios that they want to buckle up and go on that emotional experience, or else we could go back to escapist movies. Me And Earl And The Dying Girl is the latest entry in a growing line of movies that look at teenagers as adults, not immature buffoons or romance-starved dreamers in search of sparkling vampires. The same goes for Me And Earl, but not the other films in question here. It should come as no surprise that most of these progressive teen films have been made independently. I guarantee you, though, that kid still has that feeling of alienation and inadequacy.

I tried to show all of those things without glossing it up.

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