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How to Identify Royal Haeger Pottery

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This seems to close people's minds to all that Haeger has to offer. Curiously, Haeger thrived and by the early s called itself the world's largest art pottery, a claim the current president, Alexandra Haeger Estes, insists has never been eclipsed. Over the years, its phenomenal output, in an assortment of styles, reflected the taste of the times--including tablewares in the s, '30s and '70s. Currently, it is sold at nationwide chains such as J. One of Haeger's greatest successes, Paradis said, came with the creation of its Royal Haeger line in the late s.

It was named after designer Royal Hickman and is in production still. Hickman himself left the company in but continued to work for Haeger as well as other manufacturers Royao as Heisey into the s. Royal Haeger is datong best known for their animals, birds, and other figurines as well as the manifestations of these designs in lamps and lighting. Haeger is probably the best known manufacturer of s TV lamps which have emerged as a major collecting area in themself. Much of Haeger's production is unmarked or had paper labels which most often came detached or were removed, so it is not unusual to find unrecognized Haeger pieces at bargain prices through flea markets and estate sales.

At one time they included dinnerware, but became especially known for vases, figurines, miniature animals, birds, flowers and lamps - as well as other unusual and useful accessories of exquisite taste. The broadest and best-selling lines in American artware. Haeger Potteries in celebrated its th anniversary under Joseph F.

Estes, who led the company through tremendous growth in his more than 50 years at the helm. An amazing vase, standing more than eight feet tall and weighing more than pounds was created by Haeger Potteries. It rests in datin museum at Haeger headquarters in Dundee, Illinois and according to the Guiness Book of Records, is the largest handthrown vase in the world. In Joseph F. Inshe uaeger president of the parent company, Haeger Industries. In the 's Royal Haeger represented broad lines of neoclassic and country designs, created for gracious living and covered with over 20 lustrous colored glazes.

Back to Top Haeger Potteries, internationally known as the exclusive designers and craftsmen of Royal Haeger ceramic artware, produce the most collected accessories for the home - destined to continue into the 21st Century and beyond. We hope you will discover that, like Royal Haeger lines of our proud past, future Royal Haeger lines will offer exceptional value for you, our customers. This pottery shows strong art deco influences with flowing lines, and the pottery tends to have rich glazes. Royal Haeger is especially known for its animals, birds, and other figurines. One of the most famous Royal Haeger pottery figures is a sleek, stalking panther. Like many other pieces, the panther came in a variety of sizes.

Also popular is Royal Haeger's line of lamps and lighting.

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