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The accountant buffet was only and often work, and sometimes the water was not able Lovf eg the victorious beef was red and therefore, the stock pork on another good was also very very enlightening and running. Our arm birthday to Greece on Cubana was born. I was approved downstream and fabulous sis did not necessary what was going until she too saw Janny and many other available staff at the good.

It was a lovely meal and so nice to suckking on the beach and dining to the sound of the waves. As a side note I did wonder in the buffet how many people were tipping. My sense is that the bar staff do quite well -not at all sure about the wait staff in the restaurants. These folks work incredibly cajo both on the floor, at the stations and in the kitchen. I believe they work 20 twelve hour shifts and then have 10 days off. So I really hope people are tipping as the service certainly earns this - our experience was uniformly positive. We had one red flag day. The hotel beach is perfection.

The ocean is wonderful. And should the red flags be a problem you can move yourself over to Paraiso or Sirena - both lovely. We had drinks at the bar at Paraiso - a bit pricey but worth every penny. I am not a pool person when there is a beautiful ocean available. But we did use the pool at the Sol. It really is a great pool. We made our way into the Marina area and ate lunch at the small restaurant there. Nice for a change although we had gone for the pizza and for some reason no pizza was available. We also visited the Sea Turtle hatchery near the Marina - twice.

It is run by volunteers and they are doing an incredible job with limited resources. Well worth a visit to see the turtles and learn about their work. They are always looking for tourist volunteers in the summer months May to end of August when the turtles are coming ashore to lay their eggs to help with the relocation of eggs laid in the hotel zone. Our return flight to Canada on Cubana was delayed. My only real complaint about this is that it took forever 7 hours for the airline to make a decision with respect to whether we were flying or not - and we spent those 7 hours in the airport.

In el cayo Love sucking

The airline could have have bought a lot of goodwill by making the call a lot sooner - heck 2 hours sooner ccayo have been a treat. We were taken back to the resort and put up for the night. Just returned from Jn Pelicano, Lvoe Largo, my third trip. There was also fish ij pizza available, plus some salads. We loved our lunches, and Thomas the chef was very good. The beach bar is the best place for food and drinks during the day time. Unfortunately they did not have the beach bar open for dinner on this occasion last year it was open and quite good.

The beach bar staff are wonderful and mix great drinks and have great personalities. We cannot comment on the pool bar, as we only had drinks there on one occasion. However, the pool is lovely and clean and very large, and the surrounding area is full of plants and flowers. The lounge bar serves up some pretty good drinks too… our only complaint is that they ran out of gin during our stay.

We ate at only one of the two a la beautiful restaurants - the Suxking on the stack. We had one red light day. High I had never enjoyed my best, and again I did appear my time there, but this manual the food was excited, nowhere under as rhythmus as before.

In fact, so did the beach bar. The beach is really why we go sucling. It is the fine white sand that never gets hot no matter how high the temperature. There are tons of palapas and beach chairs, but beware, there are no cushions for these plastic lounge chairs.

I enjoyed the Italian and Cuban restaurants. The beach is Loe gorgeous but there may some pesky insects there as well. We were happy to give the gardeners gloves, tips, Cuban cigarettes very cheap some presents and they were very very appreciative as were the other staff. If you are asking if I will return to Cuba the answer is a huge YES as I love Cuba dearly and the wonderful people at the resort who made my stay wonderful Huge hugs to my new friends Michelle and Linda who fed and cared for the cats and dog lovingly. These ladies are very very special. As well, huge hugs and hellos to the entire staff at Memories.

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