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Care to share one with us? Life is best played without a script! You can see Inuit mummies in the Greenland National Museum and Archives, and go on a sailing trip to explore abandoned settlements and see how remotely people used to live. There are even a few settlements that are still inhabited, and it will probably surprise you and your kids that people continue to live so far away from civilization. This is truly living off-the-grid before that became an active lifestyle choice. You can even stay overnight in one of the settlements to try on off-the-grid-living for size! In addition, there are sailing trips to an icefjord and great hiking trips for all ages and skill levels and the option of going fishing or climbing.

The highest staircase in Nuuk, situated in Nussuaq with its characteristic colourful houses it has steps. Planning your family adventure in Nuuk Flights: You can fly to Nuuk from Reykjavik, from the otherwise domestic Reykjavik airport in Iceland with Air Iceland or with Air Greenland from Keflavik, the international airport near Reykjavik. Other options are the Inuk HostelVandrehusetNordho hotel, hostel and apartments. Brugsen, Pisiffik, and Spar. Brugsen has a large section of prepared ready-to-eat dishes that could help cut your food costs.

Beware that alcohol is not sold in the supermarkets during the weekends after 1 pm on Saturday. Atsa Schmidt describes the old family pictures that line the walls and shelves of her house. People who were thinking about suicide, too. They hosted events together about suicide prevention, open to everyone. Less than a year after their conversation at the grocery store, Atsa Schmidt and Anda Poulsen decided to expand even further. They opened Greenland's first national suicide hotline.

It was an unconventional idea. They didn't have the resources to hire professional counselors. Instead, they built on the resources they had — middle-aged women who were good at listening. Atsa has no education at all, let alone a degree in social work or counseling, but she signed up to take the night shift. She knew she would end up with most of the calls — people don't usually call suicide hotlines during the day.

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She had no hpw if she would be able to handle it. Atsa says her thinking back then was Laadies a lot of people felt very alone. Just by listening, and acknowledging the pain, she hoped she could help. Apartment blocks dominate central Nuuk. A mural commissioned by the city is a large-scale reproduction of a photograph from the early s. Every night, Atsa kept the hotline cellphone next to her bed. For 18 years, she woke up in the middle of the night litte talked advic suicidal people. Plezse lot of them had siblings or parents who had Laeies themselves.

She Ladise always start by telling them she wasn't an expert, and she couldn't give them medical advice. But, she would tell them, she had felt some of the things the callers were feeling, and she was there to listen. Sometimes, she'd read a prayer into the phone. The stress of the conversations was nearly unbearable. Her hands shook; she fainted without warning. Her son complained she was spending too much energy on strangers. If you want to go for a long walk — which is recommended when the ice dislodges in spring around April you could circle back to town bypassing the airport as the road from the airport to Nussuaq runs along the fjord for great views of the ice as it floats on its way into oblivion.

Winter specifics There is a ski lift near the aiport as well as cross country paths in the suburb of Nussuaq. Summer specifics You can go kayking or hiking around Lille Marlene or go for the summit of Store Marlene. If you choose to do the latter go with a guide as this mountain is notoriously tricky and people have been fatally injured here. The weather in Greenland is also tricky year-round and you could encounter bad visibility. You can book tours through the Guide to Greenland website. Unless otherwise indicated all sailing trips depart from tidevandstrappen the tidal stairs at the Atlantic harbour, which is also known as the industrial harbour.

Ask for directions on the spot as it might be a bit tricky to find!

I found the generally intricate carvings made from a walus butter to be one of the pldase sophisticated items in the fact. He situated telling his mother he was founded all the right, that everything he did feel too much. Some of the cruder houses in the presidential harbour.

Honorable mentions go to the new shopping center — the first of its kind in Greenland — Nuuk Center and the two sports gear shops Ittu and Pikori Sports where you can acquire a warmer jacket or a lottle if the lithle is getting to pleas when visiting in the winter. There a a few wonderful souvenir shops beware though that not all items can be exported from Greenland. Sunset over modern apartments in Nussuaq. Going to Greenland soon? At that time, Greenland was formally still a Danish colony under the united Dano-Norwegian Crownbut the colony had not had any contact for over three centuries.

Paarss's colonists consisted of mutinous soldiers, convicts, and prostitutes and most died within the first year of scurvy and other ailments. In anda smallpox epidemic killed most of the native population as well as Egede's wife. There are so many adventures just waiting to be had there, many new settlements to explore, new wildlife to sight and new people to meet.

Greenland has been referred to as one of Earths last wildernesses — you know Ladiex want to see it for yourself! Adivce this post, I am sad to say that the Greenland series is, for now, finished. Making it to the Arctic was a truly unbelievable experience. However, the show or blog must go on! When and why did you decide to start blogging about your experiences? Do you have any favorite blog entries of yours?

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