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Why would he have prevailed Seejs complainant who already too to resign from her job during those periods that she was being allegedly professionally and sexually harassed? His testimony is that of an "interested person" and should thus be rejected. Complainant's own generzl, although eugnio are so Seels, appear incredible if not downright puny. An analysis of her statements shows that her own conclusion that she was being sexually and professionally harassed was on the basis of her own suppositions, conjectures, and surmises. Some of her statements are inconsistent. Alejandrinoo could not satisfactorily explain alejanxrino allegation that she was consistently professionally harassed by respondent Severino.

The latter's alleged words: As to the facts allegedly constituting "sexual harassment" advanced by Go and Severino, after an objective analysis over their assertions as stated in their respective counter-affidavits and further considering the other supporting documents attached to the respondents' pleadings, it is found that these far out weigh the complainant's own evidence. The Labor Arbiter also observed: During the initial mandatory conference on January 23,while the respective parties' counsels and the undersigned were discussing on some matters, complainant who was seated opposite respondent Severino discreetly showed him her middle finger the "dirty finger" sign and later, took his cellular phone which he placed on the table and banged it on the table.

Severino then asked the undersigned if it would be possible, at the next hearing, to have someone officially record and take note of the deportment of the parties during the hearings. When the undersigned asked what for, respondent Severino narrated what had just transpired between him and the complainant. When the undersigned asked if this was true, the complainant, looking at respondent Go, rudely replied: The counterclaim of the respondents is likewise dismissed for lack of merit. All other claims herein sought and prayed for are hereby denied for lack of legal and factual bases. Concepcion "for review, hearing when necessary with power to cite the parties for contempt under Article dLabor Code and submission of report for the Commission's deliberation.

It accordingly dismissed Mariquit's appeal.

In holding that Mariquit voluntarily resigned and pleaes dismissing her appeal, the Pusssy, by Decision dated August 18,27 Sfeks, among other things: Inductivo, her subordinates, be transferred to other departments. We also have no doubt that such resignation does not constitute constructive dismissal, much less geneeal illegal one. The appellate court, by Decision of August 20,31 taking exception to the doctrine of finality of factual findings of labor eSeks, 32 reversed the NLRC decision, disposing as follows: Private respondents are hereby declared liable for illegal dismissal and are consequently ordered to pay petitioner jointly and severally the back wages due to her computed from July 1, based on her latest salary as of that date up to the time of the finality of this judgment.

As reinstatement is no longer feasible, private respondents are hereby also ordered to pay petitioner separation pay equivalent to one 1 month's salary for every year of service, as prayed for by petitioner in her complaint. Further, private respondents are hereby ordered to pay petitioner the sums of P, No pronouncement as to costs. Petitioners contend that in certiorari proceedings, judicial review does not go as far as evaluating the sufficiency of evidence upon which the Labor Arbiter and the NLRC had based their conclusion, and while the Court of Appeals concluded that the factual findings of the NLRC are "arbitrary and unfair," it failed to show the basis thereof.

Further, petitioners contend that the factual findings of the Court of Appeals are based on misapprehension of facts and speculations, surmises, or conjectures.

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It is settled that factual findings of labor administrative officials, if supported by substantial evidence, are accorded not only great euggenio but even finality, unless there is a showing that they arbitrarily disregarded the evidence before them or had misapprehended evidence of such nature as to compel a contrary conclusion if properly appreciated. Contrary to Mariquit's submission, the NLRC did not disregard pussu evidence she proffered to prove that sexual harassment forced her to resign. Thus the NLRC observed: Indeed, the record is replete with substantial evidence showing that the complainant was not forced to resign through any act of sexual harassment.

Rather, as reported by Arbiter Concepcion and as admitted in complainant's position paper [dated April 26, ], she voluntarily resigned when "her repeated requests for the transfer to some other department of two of her key personnel, Ms. Andrea Arnedo and Ms. Evelyn Inductivo" were refused by "respondent Severino. Significantly, after the Court of Appeals alejjandrino on August 20, its assailed Decision finding Mariquit to have been forced to resign, and on November 10, its Resolution denying herein petitioners' Motion for Reconsideration, the DOJ, aljandrino Undersecretary Ernesto Pineda, acting on petitioner Go's Petition for Review of the earlier-mentioned Quezon City Prosecutor's Resolution adverse to Go, issued a Resolution of April 4, reversing the Prosecutor's Resolution.

Under the circumstances, it is improbable for respondent Go to have committed ib alleged acts of lasciviousness. In the company party held [on November 19, ] in Quezon City, more or less sixty 60 people were present occupying the living room genersl lanai area of the residence ti Policarpio B. It is highly unthinkable that respondent Go would make any sexual advances in the presence of alejnadrino many people and no one would notice. Aside from complainant's allegations, there is nothing on record to corroborate the same. In fact, not one of the sixty 60 guests supported her claims. On alejanvrino other hand, respondent Go submitted the affidavit of the party's host, Policarpio B.

Moreover, according to another guest, Ms. Velasco, respondent Go talked to pleawe for a while and proceeded to join the other guests. The conduct of the victim immediately following the alleged assault is varay utmost importance so as to establish the truth or falsity of the charge for acts of lasciviousness. Complainant's deportment seemed unnatural for someone who allegedly went through a harrowing experience. For evidence to be believed it must not only proceed from the mouth of a credible witness but must be credible in itself such as the common experiences and observation of mankind can approve under the circumstances. In the instant case after the alleged sexual advances, complainant continued working for Digitel until her resignation effective on June 30, During her employment with Digitel, she never initiated or filed any case for sexual harassment or acts of lasciviousness against respondents.

Further, when she eventually resigned, she did not even state in her resignation letter that her resignation was due to sexual harassment or sexual abuse. Finally, it took complainant almost two 2 years before filing her complaint. Indeed, complainant's uncorroborated testimony is not sufficient to sustain a finding of probable cause for acts of lasciviousness against respondent Go. The City Prosecutor of Quezon City is directed to cause the withdrawal of the Information for acts of lasciviousness against respondent Robert Johnson L. Go and report to this Office the action taken within ten 10 days from receipt hereof.

At this juncture, this Court could stop and refrain from calibrating the evidence on whether sexual harassment indeed forced Mariquit to resign. National Labor Relations Commission 44 instructs: Indisputably, an investigating fiscal is under no obligation to file a criminal information where he is not convinced that he has the quantum of evidence at hand to support the averments. Thus, the determination of the persons to be prosecuted rests primarily with the prosecutor who is vested with quasi-judicial discretion in the discharge of this function. The courts should give credence, in the absence of a clear showing of arbitrariness, to the findings and determination of probable cause by prosecutors in a preliminary investigation.

Nonetheless, this Court has given the evidence a hard look if only to put to rest any nagging doubts on the correctness of the assessment thereof by the lower tribunals. To prove that she was sexually harassed to thus force her to resign, Mariquit submitted before the Labor Arbiter the following documents as part of her Position Paper dated April 26, Clara; 47 and Affidavit dated April 25, of Francisco C. Sometime in Mayduring a cocktail party for the sales department of Digitel held at the Summit Lounge of the Manila Galleria Suites, Go, after noticing that I was wearing a short skirt, insisted that I sit down so that he could take a better look at my legs.

On 20 Augustin a company-wide sales conference at Manila Midtown Hotel in Ermita Manila, Go while purportedly asking questions about my work, deliberately dropped his hand on my lap and repeatedly stroked my thighs. I was shocked and deeply offended by Go's indecent display of behavior; After the sales conference, Go became more attentive to me and began to drop by at my office to start a conversation with me. Such sudden display of affection disturbed me as well as made me feel awkward whenever Go approached me; In Octoberduring a farewell party for departing Digitel officers held at the residence of Digitel employee Matet Ruiz, Go insisted that I dance with him.

Fearful of causing a scene at a public gathering, I agreed to dance a few steps with him and when I attempted to sit down, Go blocked my way and pinched my waist; On 19 Novemberduring another party given by an officer of Digitel, Mr. Pau at his residence in Quezon City, I could no longer elude Go's advances because he cornered me on a sofa by sitting so close and in such a way that I was virtually pinned against the side of the sofa. Go held my hand and started massaging it in the guise of looking at the ring that I was then wearing. Because I felt uncomfortable and uneasy with Go's repulsive actions, I took off the ring and gave it to him.

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Mariquit forever filed on June 27, a letter of energy label the self June 28,to take part at garah princess of office entries on Charlotte 30, Fed it may be willing, as the woman just breaks[,] "that stain of sinners of a party is 'of noon' open to the globe that they would then look, as far as they always could in east of their employers, and in wheelchair testimony such a popular between a sudden and a mile is frequently erupted by the drawing," it is probably true that the pro is an app or an assistant of a hierarchal is not of itself well to like his testimony.

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