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Monks were the traditional teachers of the young and old alike until secular and missionary schools came into being during the British colonial administration. There has been a revival of monastic schools since the s with the caht economic crisis. Children from poor Sxd that can ill afford fees, uniforms and books have renewed the demand for a free monastic education, and minority groups such as the Shan, Pa'OPalaungLahu and Wa are benefitting from this revival. Buddhist monasticism Monks at the Mahagandhayon Vido in Amarapura are ordained into the Shwegyin Nikayaone of myanmaar more orthodox monastic orders. Buddhist monks, who are venerated throughout Burmese society, are approximatelystrong.

Ordination of women in Buddhism Thilashin during alms round in Yangon. The full bhikkhuni nuns lineage of Theravada Buddhism died out, and for various technical and social reasons was therefore ivdeo absent. The governing council of Buddhism in Myanmar has ruled that there can be no valid ordination of women in modern times, Sxe video chat myanmar onlin some Burmese monks disagree. However, as in many other Theravadin countries, women have created a niche for themselves as renunciants not recognised by the state-empowered Sangharaja or even the Sangha in general. In Myanmar, these women are called thilashin.

Like the maechi of neighbouring Thailand and the dasa sil mata of Sri Lankathilashin occupy a position somewhere between that of an ordinary lay follower and an ordained monastic. However, they are treated more favourably than most maechi, being able to receive training, practice meditation and sit for the same qualification examinations as the monks. Thilashins observe the ten precepts and can be recognised by their pink robes, shaven head, orange or brown shawl and metal alms bowl. Thilashins go out on alms rounds on uposatha and receive uncooked rice or money.

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