Couple meets for the first time after dating

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Couple who flew 4,000 miles for their first date marry just months after meeting

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Then he called and we went to dinner. We went to dinner and he kept calling and I kept going out with him ….

CCouple loves nice restaurants and I love to go to nice restaurants. We laugh and we kid around. He is a pleasure to be with and he is very smart. I left my name and address. I called and she called …. We finally got together and it has been fun ever since.

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We just got back from a cruise seven days, went to the west Caribbean and had a great time. Talk about your relationship. You two seem to kid around a lot. Is this different than other relationships?

You two seem like two teenagers in love and I mean that the best way possible. The first time I went to this meet-and-greet thing, it just clicked. It felt like [Miles and I] knew each other forever and everything we do is fun. We go to restaurants; everybody loves us wherever we go. They always say we are an awesome couple. When I make a reservation, I usually go to Open Tables to make the reservation.

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They have a little spot for a comment and I always put down a little thing saying, "two seniors in love. We went to meefs restaurant, this waitress was so great. She sat down with us and took photos. Sfter desserts free, coffee free, appetizers, Champagne free. Well, you ask… and I shall deliver. This episode, Mattias and I discuss 7 things that anyone in a long distance relationship should consider before meeting for the first time. You can check the video out below, or keep scrolling to skim through our 7 tips. Build the trust I mean, this seems pretty obvious. Figure out the logistics Ok. You can start figuring out the nitty gritty in terms of booking your flights and getting the first meeting underway.

Here are some things to figure out: When are you both free? Are you both splitting the cost of the airfare? Will you be staying at a hotel or crashing at their house? Are all the parties involved i. How long can you visit? Do you need a visa or any other entry requirements? Check out Skyscanner to compare airfares! Be open-minded to cultural differences Culture shock is a real thing. Be prepared to be completely flabbergasted by cultural differences. It may be something small— like having pot plants on the window sill. I internally panicked — but I had a good laugh with Mattias and his friends after, lol.

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