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Liza's 9 Corazones - (A Telemundo Dating Show Spin Off

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Nature of the show[ edit ] As the show is aimed at women, the host is most exaggeratedly on the female contestants' side. She often mocks the men, baits them to make them look dumb, and praises the ladies when they ridicule them. The true object of this, however, is to find the most suitable man and make him appear, for if any of the male contestants are mature, they will prove so by not resorting to petty insults. They will good-naturedly take all the ridicule and try to win a 'heart' with charm instead. Most episodes commonly feature a themed format, often involving the contestants and often, host Penelope Menchaca, as well in costume; themes used on 12 Corazones include beach-themed episodes in which contestants appear in beachwear, and a beauty pageant-style themed episodes, among others.

First segment[ edit ] After their introduction, the males interact in a mock playor they are asked to perform a stunt, usually for their ridicule sing a song, recite a goofy poem, etc. Then, the host begins a roundtable of discussion on a certain subject.

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After this is finished, the first group is taken out of the room and the second group decide to eliminate one of ahow contestants. When the contestants are introduced, the introduction includes their Zodiac sign, nationality or place of birth and their occupation. For example, this woman is a Taurus, Nicaraguan, and is currently in college studying communications. Second segment[ edit ] On the second segment, a chosen male or female from the main group is eliminated.

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Dating show Telemundo

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