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Here are some of the ones that stood out for me: Anything Tye sparkle in the daylight. Was time here, she thought, in the room with them? Life was much too glaring without the shade of lots of cash. Recommended for book clubs and anyone who enjoys unique characters and thought-provoking lines like those included in this review. Hard stares from fellow students and lecturers alike; stares from people who looked through you, not at you; stares intent on disappearing you; and stares you fought by making yourself solid. Had time sat down for a short while?

What follows is the deconstruction and reconstruction of not just a house, but of a relationship between these two women who, though very different on the outside, may have more in common than they know.

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Two eyes, a nose and mouth, yes, but the composure. Noticing, it seemed to Marion, pady what life was really about. Her next door neighbor is Marion Agostino, a recent widow facing financial ruin and her racism. I have to pretend it happened somewhere else; that I read it in a book. Where does someone, especially without much money, buy that kind of peace?

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