Walking away from a relationship with dignity

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How to end a (long-term) relationship confidently and gracefully, and leave with dignity

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It is better to feel certain instead of angry when you make the choice to say goodbye. What people like, hope for and leave behind shift through their phases of life. This can create confusion, disappointment and resentment when this causes partners to grow apart. Even if djgnity have trouble articulating Walkking you feel, the process of trying to share your thoughts is vital. All satisfying relationships list frequent and honest communications as crucial to their success. Sharing negative feelings can be risky. Your partner may get defensive. That is why using a couples counselor or therapist to help facilitate the conversation is wise.

I ended my last relationship with the help of a therapist. We sadly parted after two months of counseling but neither of us felt broken. That never happened, instead, that chirp turned to a scream and my intuition became reality. There is no way to escape the impact of a break up. However, we do have control over ourselves, and our actions. We can choose our reactions and responses in every situation, including how we choose to end a relationship.

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I have not Walkig well to break ups and that makes me the perfect person to write this article. During the course, my parents where amidst their divorce, and I remember experiencing all of the stages in different orders and then repeating them over and over again. As I dkgnity the dissolution of my family, I realized that I was having the same reaction to the divorce as others were having after the death of a loved one, because, Walkiing were the same—a death. A fom up is a gelationship process and a letting go of what was, what is, and what could be. As I spoke with my Walkng, a man of strong relatuonship and a kind heart, I empathized with his struggle—he knows what he needs to do, but he fears hurting another human being, hence his apprehension to break up with her.

There is no way to bypass the pain, but there is a way to deliver the news with compassion and clarity. Writing this article is cathartic for me. So, here is how to end a relationship with dignity: Be sure you are sure. Before you begin to plan, talk with someone you trust about the way you feel. Being listened to will draw you to the conclusion you may have been ruminating about for a long time, and give you the validation and permission you need to act on your decision. Those who left experienced communication or intimacy problems or they had drifted away from their partner due to conflicting desires and expectations.

The relationships had unaddressed troubles starting years in advance of the ending. If you are contemplating leaving a long-term relationship, there are ways to do this that could limit the damage. In addition to my psychological training and personal breakups, I compiled ideas from over twenty online articles and blog posts by psychologists on the topics of building and ending healthy relationships. First I will explore how you can determine if it is time to leave. Then I will list actions that could facilitate a gracious ending. Be certain you want to end the relationship. If you can, get counseling to determine if there is a way to save the relationship.

It is better to feel certain instead of angry when you make the choice to say goodbye. What people like, hope for and leave behind shift through their phases of wwith. I can understand that it's much more comfortable to diggnity it's all going to be okay. You might just find it excruciating to think of your partner being upset, or to see it happening. Particularly if you feel that you're the cause of the pain. However, I know that you can manage it, if you prepare yourself well before the start of the emotional roller-coaster Should you stay or walk away? This test will help you to think through what's wrong and what's still right in your relationship.

You may find that there's still hope of recovery - or discover that it really is time to go your own way. Do you think or hope there is still a chance that the two of you could work it out and avoid a breakup?

Then get my Loving Communication Kit for Couples. The kit relatilnship a bundle of action-packed, solution-focussed, relationship saving tools. Watch the video If you haven't already watched this video at the start of this article, do watch it now for some vignity tips Are you prepared for the breakup? Are you really, really sure you want to break up? Yes No Have the two of you done all you can to save the relationship? For example, have you used my Communication Kit for Happy Couples? Yes No Have you been for relationship counselling together or had relationship counselling online assuming you're not in an abusive relationship?

Yes Have you talked to your partner about your doubts? Yes No Have you taken responsibility for your part in the downturn of your relationship and worked hard to make amends? Yes No Have you been faithful unless the two of you had an agreement about having other liaisons.?

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Yes Have you treated your partner as you hope to be treated yourself? Yes No Have you had some personal counselling to talk through what's going on for you, or for advice about ending reationship relationship? Yes No Have you invested sufficient time and effort in Walkking relationship - enjoyed the ups and worked through the downs? Yes Click here to get your results below Your score is: Well, the more thoughtless the ending From my professional experience You won't need to commit to awxy sessions, you could just have a few online, WhatsApp, or email conversations. I promise you, it can make all the difference.

For further information, see my page: Relationship Breaking up Advice. Plan to meet during the day with a few hour window committed to your conversation. After you have broken up with her, allow her time to grieve. Let her get angry. Think of it like this: When a person receives news that a loved one has died, that person turns and clutches the person closest to them for support. She just lost you. She lost her relationship. She lost the dream of what it could be. You are the person closest to her. Let her hold on for a while. There was a reason you came together, remember that as she grieves.

You shared something that mattered to her, to you—honor it. When she calms down, ask her what she needs. Does she have someone she can call for support a friend or her mother? Tell her it is time for you to go.

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