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You can help by adding to it. On the back side of the trunk is the logo Angelds the Puerto Rico Department of Transportation and Public Works, in a smaller size. Horses were also used to patrol mountainous areas. In the fleet consisted of motorcycles, Volkswagen Beetles, and military jeeps. Ana, Juan Pablo, and Diego. The uniform in current use is the light-blue shirt, with long or short sleeves and navy blue pants, with the black line on the side of the legs from waist down. However, this change has not yet been reflected, and the sales tax rate of 7.

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Motorcycles will have the same paint, but with new blue LED lights puefto the back and front. It plays the same role, Patrullas Fantasmas Ghost Patrol. Officer headgear is either a black peaked cap or black police stetson. The PRPD logo was placed on the left side of the front door, rather than being centered on the door, while the highway patrol logo was centered on the rear doors.

Bythe ground patrol fleet consisted of the Plymouth Gran FuryEscorf LTD Crown Victoria and confiscated vehicles, converted into either marked or unmarked police vehicles, until the late s. The logo was put on the front door in the upper left corner or right corner, depending on the side. The cap has a wreath of weath with number.

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