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WiinUSoft won't work

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This will pull a Wiinusodt layout for your Switch Pro controller to use, and lucky for us, the default layout is perfect for most games. Click Next and then Finish. Test the buttons and analogue sticks on your controller. If everything went according to plan, they should line up with the virtual Xbox controller displayed in xce.

Working Wiinusoft not

If everything looks good, click Save, and close xce. It will kick on in the background workihg you start your game. If your controller still isn't registering, try deleting the default. You have to repeat these steps for every game you want to play with your Switch Pro controller. Using your Switch Pro controller xce works by reading DirectInput commands as XInput commands, which is what most modern games support.

Now that it's installed, your Switch Pro controller should behave like an Xbox controller in most games. However, some games flat-out will not work with DirectInput gamepads. The Witcher 3, for example, cannot be played with a Switch Pro controller using this method. With any luck, some whiz will work out a workaround for that in the coming months. Compared to other controllers, I had to remap my in-game buttons more frequently while using a Switch Pro controller. My xce layout was correct, but the game wasn't registering it correctly. However, after remapping the gamepad controls in the in-game settings, it worked perfectly for every game I tried, including Steam games with partial controller support.

So if your buttons feel off, try an in-game fix first. You shouldn't need to remap any buttons in xce, but if you do need or want to, simply click the drop-down menu on the button you want to remap, click Record, and press the desired button on your controller.

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Be sure to save your profile after making any changes. Mot to connect your Switch Pro controller Wlinusoft Bluetooth If you followed the Bluetooth installation steps above, you should be able to use your controller wirelessly. You may have to re-pair your controller each time depending on what Bluetooth dongle you're using and your Bluetooth settings. As of WiinUSoft 3. If you're not sure if Wlinusoft Wiimote will require it or not, you Wiinusoft not working worjing try it without first. Does this workng with built-in Bluetooth? Do I need a Bot Dongle?

No, communication data isn't sent through the USB cable, only through Bluetooth. I am having trouble connecting my controller what can I do? Any time you run into connection issues there are three main actions you can try: XInput emulation doesn't seem to be working, or when I try to add an XInput emulated device nothing happens. Windows displays my controller as "Connected" even though it isn't. It's best to just ignore whatever Windows Bluetooth is telling you, it can't be trusted. What do my Donations go towards? Since I am no longer as active on the projectm they don't go to anything specific anymore other than keeping the site running yearly domain name registration and because of this I have removed all other donation buttons.

If you still wish to donate just for the time I've put into the project I truely appreciate the gesture. I have another question that I can't find an answer to. My Youtube Channel has many tutorials on it if you are looking for help. Check the Community Forums to get more answers, and post any new questions you have there.

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