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But, she has such close, erotice bing contact extremely and wins to be traumatic and crew by others before going her big pussy natural tits, tight bodied and ass completely to me. Elle undressed my cock and hispanic lady but the rest complicated short but not based.

Jenna's tan color was comparable to my Elle's dex her tan was unbroken by tanlines of any sort. From our previous conversations we knew this was from tanning booths not from outdoor sainger to the sun or people. Her tits were large and full for her small frame although naturally hanging somewhat lower than Elle's. Unlike Elle's narrow strip of shiny black pussy hair neatly shaved and trimmed above her swollen pink clitoris Jenna's pubic hair was only trimmed on the sides so as not to show out of normal bikini bottoms. Ben seemed to be Mr.

Average without much to say generally just taking in all the sights without many comments or actions. It was Jenna's unshaved pussy Elle and I had targeted as the launching pad for our more erotic conversations. After initial greetings and obligatory "How have you beens" the conversation moved toward the inevitable weather comments and I interrupted Elle to ask for the sunscreen. The time was approaching 4: Ignoring this fact I rubbed a generous amount of sunscreen on Elle's untanned tit triangles and nipples. Then moved down and applied plenty to her pubic triangle and hot little pussy.

Knowing our friends were watching with interest Sed commented "Hmmmmmm, it's time for a wsinger tonight before dancing in the club. Most of the patrons of the resort were aex completely shaved or, in the case of the women, retained only a narrow strip of pubic hair. Elle and I both think some amount of shaving is much more erotic than the "au naturel" look and considerably more hygenic too. We had wondered if Jenna secretly wanted to shave but was too timid to make what she probably thought too bold of a physical statement. Turning slightly toward Jenna to improve her view Elle said "It's a little trouble, and at first we weren't sure but we really like the way my trim shows off my pussy and we keep it trimmed all the time now.

We think it's very erotic and actually feels even more nude when we're playing in bed. No hair to hide things or get in the way if you know what I mean.

Elle smiled, knowing the hook was set, and said "No, not at all we have a few shortcuts that make it simple and fast! Then, noticing Jenna's willpower was teetering, quickly added "We'll be glad to show you how we shave me if you like! Her desire for eroticism and sexual curiosity overcame her inhibitions and she smiled and said "Sure! When I came back a few minutes later the girls were giggling compulsively. As I approached I saw what had caused their amusement. It was Elle's 9 inch neon purple jelly dong toy she had brought to pose for pictures in our room which she had forgotten was under a hot lacy bustier she was considering for the evening's club attire.

Elle was still topless but had put on a white crotchless g-string she was considering because it would show nicely in the clubs black lights. I noticed Jenna was giggling but very impressed with the erotic sex toy and smiled sheepishly at me when Elle told her it was her favorite toy because it was the same size as my cock. I gently patted Elle's firm tanned ass and said "Okay girls you can checkout club outfits later after we show Jenna how fast and easy this is. Jenna sat down on the other bed opposite, quivering with excitement. What happened next was completely natural for me.

My wife has an extraodinarily small tight and the sight of her spread wide was more than my discretion could stand and I gently buried my face in her naked crotch licking between her small hot lips and sucking her swollen clit. I heard an immediate sharp intake of breath from Elle she had not expected me such attention to her pussy right away and, I noticed as I raised up, neither had Jenna and she had a shocked but interested look on her face. I slid one end of the ribbon under the middle of Elle's ass and handed her the other end to hold directly over her belly button.

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Jenna came over to the bed where Elle was lying with legs spread wide, knees up again a very tempting position and sat down beside Elle facing her hot pussy. I could tell Elle was extremely aroused now. My pussy licking and clit sucking with a relative stranger watching had sharply focused both women on how extremely erotic the situation was and both of their breaths and mine somewhat were increasingly short and quick. Carefully and smoothly I shaved one side of my wife's hot pussy from her groin up to the ribbon, making sure to tease her clit plenty while doing so. Then I stopped and handed the razor to Jenna.

She took the razor from my hand as if I had asked her to hold it for me. When I saw the look on her face I said "This side is done, you shave that side. She began shaving, slowly at first, then with more confidence, Elle's willing and spread crotch. In a few seconds she was done and started to stand up but I put my hand on her bare should and told her she wasn't finished yet. I pulled the ribbon off of Elle and Jenna instinctively stroked the now shaved smooth skin and narrow tuft of hair and said "That's really nice. Elle let out a several small moans as she grew more and more excited but Jenna was finished quickly and I helped Elle sit up.

When Elle finished Jenna moved back to the bed beside Elle and with quick breaths said "That was fantastic, easy and you look super hot! I think I'll like it!

Her elusive was becoming quicker than ever. This was the craziest either Elle or myself had ever been to another holding's spread misty pussy.

This was partially true, but the real reason is Elle has no real bisexual or lesbian feelings and would rather watch me handle another woman's pussy knowing she and her perfect pussy have nothing to worry about losing my affections. But, she enjoys such close, erotice nude contact extremely and loves to be touched and caressed by others before giving her big firm natural tits, tight pussy and ass completely to me. Our eager pupil laid back immediately and submissively pulled her knees up and spread wide open.

Suddenly, Elle and I had our first full view of her pussy because Jenna had always kept her legs closed demurely before and her pubic hair hid the uppermost parts when walking nude. Her pussy was nicely formed, average size not as small and dainty as Elle's but she certainly had nothing to hide. I could tell Jenna was encouraged when Elle said "Jenna, you have a very pretty pussy, you will love showing it off! Jenna's body tightened up perceptibly as I slipped the ribbon under the middle of her well tanned ass and handed her the other end to hold above her belly button. Her breathing was becoming quicker than ever.

I thought I had better be quick about it or she might change her mind. I rubbed a lot of conditioner into her long curly pussy hair. Then, taking a small pair of scissors from our travel essentials kit I knelt between her spread pussy explaining that I had to trim the longer hair on the sides with scissors first to make shaving easier and cause less irritation. This was the closest either Elle or myself had ever been to another woman's spread open pussy. I noticed Elle was watching with increasing excitement, her hands softly stroking her swollen pink clitoris and thin strip of hair.

Her pussy lips were spread and sparkling with moisture. I grinned and pointed slightly at Jenna's own parted pussy lips which were glistening with pussy juices as well. They are just normal ordinary tourists who are having fun with normal touristic activities, like millions of other people who are visiting the south of France every year. But Le Cap d'Agde locates one of the largest, official nude beaches in the world, and at this nude beach happens more than sunbathing only. It is this naturist beach and swingers beach which is attracting a lot of swingers, nudists and naturists to this particular beach of Le Cap d'Agde.

And we can't blame them because this nude beach offers a lot of fun and a lot of excitement Cap d'Agde for the nudists and naturists Nudism and naturism in Cap d'Agde Originally the nudist area of Cap d'Agde was a great place for nudists and naturist only. There were virtually no swingers and it was very quiet and peaceful. Also nowadays last time the checked was inthe majority of the people who visit this particular area of Cap d'Agde are nudists and naturists. In holiday season starting at the end of April until the end of September Cap d'Agde becomes the largest nudist resort in the world, especially in the months July and August.

In the first three weeks of August when it is peak season, over ten-thousand people are staying here simultaneously. A lot of those people are walking around naked, are sunbathing naked, swimming naked and are shopping naked. Especially in the camping area, in which nudity is sort of obliged. But there is a HUGE difference between nudism and naturism on one side and the swingers on the other side. The nudists and naturists have one thing in common. Both groups hate the swingers lifestyle. Accomodations, facilities and layout of the naturist village Information about the layout, the facilities and the different accomodations in Cap d'Agde The nudist area of Le Cap d'Agde can be considered as a small village.

It contains three different supermarkets, several bakeries, a pharmacy, two medical facilities, a small fitness centre, several ATM's, around four or five different wireless Internet services, a lot of restaurants, bars and terraces where you can have a drink or something to eat, a huge camping area, sauna's, swimming pools, spa facilities, a laundry service, a dog area and of course swinger clubs and swingers activities. Transport to Cap d'Agde Information about how to reach Cap d'Agde Cap d'Agde is in the south of France and can be reached by car, by train and by aeroplane. You can choose yourself which transport option is most suitable for your situation. Read more about transport to Cap d'Agde Disclaimer: Therefore any direct damage or any indirect damage, which could be inflicted upon you by wrong or missing information on this website cannot be held or claimed against CapdAgdeinfo.

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