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We review a big number of companies that might be very interesting for our readers every day. Today we are going to review a new company Interneyofpeople has appeared on our market called the Internet of People. The Internet of People is a fully decentralized infrastructure which was created to be used for apps and online payments. One of the greatest differences from the Internet of People and the normal platforms for these types of things is that is completely not server based, using a decentralized system instead, which is based on decentralized individual nodes. The biggest advantage of these nodes is that they do not need a server, they could be run instead in a simple device like a home computer, a Raspberry Pi or even a smartphone.

This revolutionized the way that that the infrastructure for apps and payments works.

The owners of the IOP tokensthe currency used to pay for the services of Internetofpeople iop company, will also have the chance to be granted a share of the profits of the company equal to the quantity of tokens that they hold at the moment of the distribution of dividends. The Internet of People utilizes what is described by the company as a groundbreaking P2P technology. Basically, the company combines what already exists in the blockchain market with protocol server nodes which have been independently developed by the company. This allows the network to never go down because there will always be some nodes active in the world at a certain time.

It will be considerably easy for you to set up a full node in your home and you can be able to host a part of the Internet of People. The community of the Internet of People is very engaged and you can find it on TwitterTelegram, Reddit and Discord.

Iop Internetofpeople

The IoP is a crypto movement that looks to connect people with a node-based environment, thus Internetofepople the development of truly decentralized apps and creating the internet for the next generation powered by blockchain. The IoP aims to leverage the best parts of centralized cooperatives, community, and corporate structures and combines them into a decentralized ecosystem. Decentralization for the next generation goes beyond cryptocurrency The initial goal of the Bitcoin blockchain was targeted at eradicating middlemen, streamlining online transactions, making them faster, cheaper and more transparent for the people. Mass adoption of the technology has made users look for better alternatives than Moneygram and Western Union.

However, Internwtofpeople ICO boom tamed the crypto space with fake business models and Ponzi schemes, damaging the original purpose and value of cryptocurrency. Internetofepople make things better and shift the paradigm of the industry still not being safe enough for mass adoption, IoP enters the scene with a new approach to cryptocurrency. Users can leverage Mercury to bypass middlemen and third parties, and communicate with each other via the p2p system of the network. By promoting both transparency and privacy, IoP will enable users to connect without losing control of their personal data.

The platform will feature its very own token — the IOP digital coin — which is designed to incentivize the IoP community by distributing equal block rewards without wasting excessive mining power. The Mercury protocol — the number one for dApp developers Developed on a pioneering p2p network, the distributed network encompassing the Mercury protocol, rendering maximum privacy.

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