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Grooming the Next Generation of #MeToo Predators: Sleek Pornhub Storefront Pops Up in SoHo

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Do the same zons Pornhub and sexual exploitation. Find out who winds up with the lush earnings. Educate yourself about the lives of these very young women, mostly of color, portrayed as enjoying bondage in chains and being whipped. Who supplies this endless flow of women for their videos — organized criminal trafficking networks or local pimps? Ask them how old these women were when first sold into the sex trade — 16? Or like Melanie, 12?

No one graduates from being a sex trafficked child into an empowered porn star. The sloppy argument momz protection of free speech blinds us from seeing the plain-sighted links between sexual violence and harassment, and the sex trade, including prostitution and pornography. Unless we make these connections, colleges will continue to struggle with rampant sexual assaults on campus and women will still wonder when they will be valued as human beings. Pornhub teaches our sons that sex is a vehicle to control women's bodies and wires our girls to absorb degradation and sexualized male dominance as the price of being female.

That Pornhub broadcasts its grotesque fare on the Internet is for us to address as a global community. For it to hang a shingle on charming cobblestoned streets to groom the next generation of sexual predators is something New Yorkers must fight. This post was published on the now-closed HuffPost Contributor platform. Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. I think the fetish started when I was young; I was once in the hospital and given a suppository for a fever. Then one time I was given a Fleet enema. I grew up in a very conservative religious household. We have very strict professional boundaries and ethical expectations, and I have no problem with that.

I expect my job to be very clinical and boring. But outside of work, I feel like my sexual desires need some kind of outlet. You want a sex partner who meets your needs, not one you have to hide your needs from. Maybe you could gaysex talk some sense into stupid straight men.

Sons Slutload young moms blowjobs giving

On PornHub recently, I watched a fearless young woman use a dildo five ways and come at least 10 full symphony times. This new generation of women! But then I watched an year-old Russian woman with an equally beautiful black American man. She sucked away on his dick and swallowed 12 times in five minutes! A beer, a joint, a pay raise? She even apologized for spilling some come at one point.

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