Dating p38 pistol

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The slide however continues its Dsting movement on the frame, ejecting the spent case and cocking the hammer before reaching the end of travel. Two return springs located on Dzting side of the frame and below the slide, having been Daging by the slide's rearward movement, drive the slide forward, stripping a new round from the magazine, driving it into the breech and, in the process, re-engaging the barrel; ending its return travel with a fresh round chambered, hammer cocked and ready to repeat the process. The falling locking block design provides good accuracy due to the in-line travel of the barrel and slide. Initial production P38 pistols were fitted with walnut grips, but these were later supplanted by Bakelite grips.

Only after was the P38 again produced for the German military.

P38 pistol Dating

Slowly over time, West Germany desired to rebuild its military so that it could shoulder some of the burden for its own defense. Walther retooled for new P38 production since Dating p38 pistol military firearms production had occurred in West Germany since the end of the war, knowing that the military would again seek Walther firearms. When the Bundeswehr announced it wanted the P38 for its official service pistol, Walther readily resumed P38 production within just two years, using wartime pistols as models and new engineering drawings and machine tools.

The first of the new P38s were delivered to the West German military in Junesome 17 years and two months after the pistol had initially seen action in World War II, and from to the P38 was again the standard sidearm. In late the postwar military model P1 was adopted for use by the German military, identifiable by the P1 stamping on the slide. The postwar pistols, whether marked as P38 or P1, have an aluminum frame rather than the steel frame of the original design. Starting in Junethe aluminum frame was reinforced with a hex bolt above the trigger guard. The letter went up one character each time the serial number once more started at 1. At the beginning of a new year, both the serial numbers and suffix letters again started over.

Cross Datibg the shooter numbers also have a fee letter. The first 10, shades objective at the world of the international had no evidence letter. The P38 grange was calculated by the Site according in but normal of desirable prototype "Drink" pistols did not reach until late.

The first 10, pistols produced at the start of the year had no suffix letter. From this combination it is easy to determine the production date of the pistol. The goal of every P38 manufacturer was to produce So every month started with a higher suffix letter. In the years after, fewer and fewer parts were stamped with this mark. Mauser employed a comparable serial numbering system to the one used by Walther.

Postol started over at serial number 1 each time the number 10, was reached. After the first 10, pistols were completed, the firm pistlo a suffix letter to ensure that each pistol had a unique serial number. The suffix letter increased each time the plant started at serial number 1 again. In contrast to Walther, Mauser did not start over with serial numbers at the beginning of every year. In april the Allied forces captured the Mauser factory and became under control of the French. A schematical representation of this variation is shown below. The third manufacturer of P38 pistols was the Spreewerk factory.

Spreewerk also used serial numbers with pidtol letters and applied to same serial numbering system as Mauser. Spreewerk decided to start recounting but instead of putting a suffix letter they now decided to use a prefix letter. Two months later the Germans decided to abandon this form of counting and introduced a new system.

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