Erotic hypnosis groups and meetings

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Our November 2018 meeting is CANCELLED - we apologize for the short notice!

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A fetish for hypnosis in general. No one knows exactly how or why hypnosis works. It htpnosis the mind naturally and readily accepts suggestions from trusted sources, particularly when the conscious, analytical, parts of the mind are distracted. In December, we're going to put together a gathering of some kind, likely more like a social or a munch than our usual meetings.

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That's because every hypnotist and subject experiences and perceives things slightly differently. This group has mounted a concerted campaign against us, and has rejected all our efforts toward resolution. Hypnosis is a collection of methods that, for millennia, have been found to distract the conscious mind, inspire trust, engage the suggestible parts of the mind, and leave persuasive instructions in place. Yelling the word "safeword" is a call for help beyond your scene.

Hypnosis meetings and Erotic groups

Relaxation, the feeling of floating. The general hgpnosis minimum for our events is 18, unless clearly stated otherwise in our promotional material. If you are a subject, be mindful of your headspace and capabilities post scene. Don't assume that people who look awake are necessarily available for conversation or in a good space to give informed consent to you.

Erotic hypnosis is the use of hypnosis to enhance any sort of sexual situation with mental or physical effects. We have rules governing behavior of attendees posted further down on this page so that everyone feels comfortable. We expect our attendees to familiarize themselves with any relevant rules.

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